• Renovation, Extension in Epsom

    Renovation, Extension in Epsom

    We work on: – extension, loft conversion, painting, plestering, tiling, putting the fences of wood and more...

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  • Extension in Bromley

    Extension in Bromley

    We work on: Building extensions, plastering, painting, new window instalation, building fences, putting the fences of wood, other...

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  • Interior renovation

    Interior renovation

    Interior renovation Plastering, wooden floring, new windows instalkation, electrical, heating instalation, romoving of walls, painting, decorating...

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  • Groundwork in Morden

    Groundwork in Morden

    Work performed by us : groundwork , removal, renovation, new paving, sewerage, drainage...

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  • Extension – Sutton

    Extension – Sutton

    Work performed by us : rebuilding bathroom, digging, pouring foundations, water pipe location, bricklaying walls, brick on the outside, blocks...

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